Saturday, 27 April 2013

New Zealand Holiday Recap (pt. 1)

It has been almost a month (but not quite...) since my last blog post! But the last month has been a blur! We did so many exciting things, had a week off of work, travelled down to the South Island (loveee), and just relaxed! It was so nice to have both Ben and I's parents here to visit! It has been 8 months (!!!) since we moved to New Zealand...time flies! We have been blessed with so many good friends but it's hard to replace your family. Especially a family that we lived with for 14 months prior to our big move :) Thanks Mommy and Poppy! :) They were here for almost 2 weeks and we got so much good stuff packed into those two weeks! In Auckland, we explored Cornwall Park, hiked to the Kitekite falls (which John and Ben climbed to the top of!) and watched a sunset on Karekare beach! We took advantage of the sunset to take some funny pictures! I laughed so hard I almost peed! Here's some of my favorites :)
Virginia and John

Our "W" for Webers!

After the "W"...Ben is being so sweet while John beats up Virginia :)

"N" for Nixons! (This is where I almost peed in my pants :)

Heart :)

After a couple days in Auckland, we headed down to Queenstown, which is my new favorite place! We had a great weather while we were there. It was only rainy for small amounts of time and it was warm-ish up until the day we left! Perfect! We rented a house which was absolutely amazing and had the best views. If anyone needs a recommendation of a holiday house in Queenstown, let me know! 
Our first day there we rode the gondola up to the top of a mountain and did the luge! It was so much fun! Mommy, Poppy, Ben and I all did the "beginner" luge and then Poppy and I went back and did the "adventurous" one! 

View from the top! Our house was on the backside of that peninsula

Poppy beat me :(

Another view from the top! Isn't Ben such a great photographer!? 

Okay, I have so many more pictures but you are just going to have to wait until the next blog post...I promise it won't take me a month to write! If you want to check out our pictures from the trip in the meantime head over to our Smugmug

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Kai Iwi Lakes!

Blehhhhh...I have had wayyyy too much Easter chocolate! And now it's tempting me with it's "50% off" stickers at the grocery store!!

Anyway, for Easter, Ben and I had our first Kiwi camping experience! Now, I have been "camping" before but this almost always ended with us packing up early and heading home because a) it was too cold or b) we ran out of some sort of provision. Good 'ole college camping out at Lake Bryan :) Luckily, the people we went with this time were super prepared! They had a pretty sweet set-up! They even shared their tent with us :) We really enjoyed eating, tree climbing, reading, relaxing, taking underwater pictures, biscuit-ing...



...trying my first (and only) Marmite and chip sandwich...

...The Adventures of Chick-Chick... first successful wakeboarding...  

  ...and swimming in the crystal blue, fresh water! 

Thanks Karmia and Caleb for taking us! 

Now that we're home, we will probably be relaxing around the house and getting ready for our parents to come visit in less than 2 weeks!!! We have lots of exciting stuff planned including a trip down to Queenstown where I'm trying to get Ben to agree to some bungee jumping! :) We'll see how that works out...

You can see all the pictures from our weekend on Smugmug! Along with an awesome video of me wakeboarding (and bailing...)! 

love love love
the webers