Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekend Adventures

hi all!

Another Monday looms in the morning :( but I will share my weekend in pictures...

I was supposed to meet a book club for a picnic at this amazing park on Saturday; didn't work out because it rained but, now I know about this park! This is just a sneak peek because Ben and I are going to go back next weekend and take some REAL (non iphone) pictures...Awesome, huh?

Okay, so the park was awesome but it ended up being a fiasco because I didn't have the phone (that Ben and I share) so I couldn't contact the person I was supposed to be meeting. It started raining so she wasn't at the spot we said we were meeting so, needless to say, I was super frustrated! But then I found some sheep!! I have an audio file but I can't figure out how to upload it :( Anyway, I had to walk about 20 minutes to this cafe so I could, hopefully, use the wireless and contact Ben. Well, I got there, after walking 20 minutes in the rain, and there was NO wireless!! More I ordered a white chocolate latte and a muffin and read my book while it continued to rain. It was actually pretty nice!

Yum! :) Well, I finally made my way back home (after a shopping detour :) and we went to this new place for dinner. It's a kinda-sorta upscale cafeteria style place. All the tables are in the middle of a courtyard and there are about 10 restaurants surrounding that you can choose from. You just tell them your table number and they deliver your food! We both ordered our dinner from this cajun restaurant, and it wasn't very good :( I got a mojito from the Spanish restaurant which was delicious and we had yummy dessert from the dessert booth. I would like to go back and order from some other place; there was Italian, Japanese, Pizza, Spanish, Vegan,, cool concept except our food was only so-so.

Britomart Train Station
Today we rode the train! We went to the American store, and a couple other big homeware stores they don't have in the CBD (central business district; where we live). Just like when we first started riding the bus, the train system was really confusing. We finally made sense of it, but we felt pretty stupid at first! 

Our loot from the American store!! Ben was so excited about finding Tony's! The rest were just impulse buys...

til next time! 
the webers

Friday, 28 September 2012

Workin' on my Fitness

So, I have finally gotten back on the exercise wagon...still chasing the eating right wagon. I'll get there soon! I weighed in at the gym last night and was scared to see the number because it's been 6 weeks of no exercise and eating whatever. Now, Ben and I have been pretty active, out and about, as much as we can so I definitely think that helped but I still didn't know what the scale would say. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see about the same as before we moved! Actually probably a little less because I weighed in at night. Everyone knows you weigh in first thing in the morning, magically the number is less than the night before...who knows why?? Anywho, my usual gym routine includes some running and then some circuit training. Well, tonight, I was on a running streak so I ran a little more than usual and lo and behold, I beat my 5K record time by 16 seconds!! I actually haven't done that since I was watching Kyle back before April! So, it was nice to know that I can still exercise like a champ after a little (big) break! Since I mentioned Kyle, I'll just throw in a fave :)
So cute! :)
So I have been subbing in the same room for 8 days and I'm a little sad it's over! Hopefully, I will get the chance to go back sometime soon because those precious babies are so darn cute! In other news, I hope my qualifications get reviewed sometime soon as well! It's been almost 4 weeks already! But, there are like 9 steps and my application is on step 6 or moved up one from last week! Woo hoo! The estimated completion date is October 17th but I would appreciate it being done before then!

My next post is going to be about my "to read" book list! It has become quite I thought I'd share...get excited! :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Thoughful Tuesday

Realizations for Today:

1. Ben and I have been grocery shopping at the most expensive supermarket in New Zealand...awesome.

2. Jumper means jacket or sweater. I always thought it meant dress or something.

3. There is a store here devoted to just American products. I know where I will be going on Saturday! Hershey's and dryer sheets, you wait for me!

4a. Cauliflower crust pizza=not so bad!

4b. Fresh cauliflower cannot be frozen and then thawed...just don't. 

5. Contrary to my beliefs (and thorough research), New Girl was NOT a new episode tonight :(

6. I am not fashionable.

And, I'll end on a good one!

7. My iPhone is unlocked!! Ben and I don't have to share a phone anymore! (Share a phone with your husband for a is unlike anything else :)

Lots of love, The Webers

Monday, 24 September 2012

Food Coma

Oh my goodness! I just had the most amazing dinner ever! Ben was even impressed with my cooking skills, which very seldom happens! I will post the links for both of the recipes because everyone needs to try them! First, chicken with mustard cream sauce. ( Calls for heavy cream but can be substituted for half and half or just plain old milk. Other than that, pretty healthy! We started cutting our chicken breasts in half because 1) most chicken breasts are way more than 4 oz and 2) meat is super expensive here. So we each got dinner and have a lunch packed for tomorrow!

For sides we had Parmesan zucchini "chips" ( and plain old mashed potatoes.  My chicken and zucchini recipes both came from Pinterest and we have a clearance bag of potatoes that we are trying to use up. Since moving to NZ and realizing how expensive everything is, it has become my goal to be as frugal as possible. Now, Ben doesn't really have a problem with this, I do. He was raised frugally and constantly keeps me in check but sometimes I like to stray :) One of the ways we are maintaining our frugality is not wasting any sort of food. If we have leftovers, we eat them before they go bad. Which may mean leftovers for dinner (hence meatballs for 3 days...) before we get a "fresh" meal. Also, making sure to use veggies before they go bad. I am notoriously bad about this! I like to buy lots of veggies at the store because they all look so delicious but then they sit in my veggie drawer until they start to get all watery...gross. Anyway, so I am constantly going through the fridge to see what needs to be used up or put in the freezer before it goes bad. So, that's just a glimpse into the Weber household! Now go make that meal :)

Now, I just can't leave another post without a picture so, here is a picture from the "Wintergarden" Ben and I walked to on Saturday!

It's a greenhouse in the middle of a giant park called The Domain near downtown Auckland. It was a beautiful day outside so we just enjoyed the sunshine! Ready for the summer...

Love, The Webers :)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Pumpkin Pie Almonds

So, I have had meatball subs for dinner for the last 3 nights (and meatballs for lunch one day) because Ben insisted on buying a TON of meat! So, that being said, I haven't made any new Pinterest recipes lately. BUT, I did make a little snack today: Pumpkin Pie Almonds!

I love pumpkin pie and I love almonds so I figured, "Hey, these will be tasty!" It's pretty much roasted almonds with cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice (I had to make my own because they don't sell it here, easy peasy), honey, and vanilla! Sounds yummy! So, here are mine:
Now, they're okay, but don't really have the strong flavor of pumpkin pie. I will definitely finish them during my "morning tea" and "afternoon tea" (breaks) but I'm not sure if I will make them again. I'm fine with plain roasted, salted almonds.


I did buy a pumpkin to roast and puree today so be watching out for some sort of recipe to come from that! I haven't officially decided yet so, any suggestions?

No pictures, just rant...

Want to know what's frustrating, but also a "first-world problem"? TV. Now, I would like to say that I'm one of those people who is like, "TV...schmeevee" but I'm not (probably inherited from my mom...thanks...). I have a FEW shows that I like to keep up with and I'm constantly trying to wean those few down to none. Being here in New Zealand, we don't have cable (more on that later), which would be fine cause I can watch all sorts of shows on the internet these days. But the internet here is structured differently: you pay based on how much you use (not based on speed) and, trust me, it's pricey! So, my internet viewing is limited! I watch MAYBE one show a day and sometimes it's just a partial bit of one show.

Okay, so no (limited) internet show watching. Now, we don't have cable per se but we do get 10, count them, 10 channels hooked up to the TV in our living room. It's pretty much the New Zealand version of ABC, CBS, NBC, etc...the basics. Some shows premiere here the same time they premiere in the States likes New Girl, How I Met Your Mother (which I am like 10 episodes behind on), and Grey's Anatomy but definitely not all of them :( Also, I'm so used to's weird to have to sit down at a particular time to watch a show. I know, I know, I'm spoiled...anyway...

My favorites: The ones mentioned above but also...

Downton Abbey-I just looked and they are premiering Season TWO starting in October! I guess that gives me an excuse to watch it again but I'm ready to see Season 3!

Modern Family-I can't really find a premiere date for season 4 but they have finished showing all of season 3...just have to wait and see I guess!

Bachelorette/Bachelor/Bachelor Pad-Yes. New season in January!

One Tree Hill (Netflix)-Thanks Kyla for getting me hooked on this one! My only saving grace is that I'm on season 8 and after that there's one more season then DONE FOR GOOD!

Some other shows that, if they're on, I will watch: Gossip Girl, Last Man Standing, mmm, I think that's about it!

Okay, done talking about TV! I'm hoping that if I just abstain for a while I won't enjoy it anymore (probably not going to work...)! While we are living here in this beautiful country I'm going to focus on being outside and doing things, not sitting and watching TV. That being said, it was a beautiful day today so Ben and I walked over to a large park called The Domain today! It was warm, we laid in the grass and just enjoyed the sunshine! So ready for some warm, beach weather! Afterwards we had fresh oysters, veal liver toasties, and turbot sliders for lunch! It was DELICIOUS! Anyone who comes to visit will be treated to the amazing restaurant we went to today! Incentive...

Friday, 21 September 2012

My sweet, amazing, generous, beautiful...


And my sweet husband! So a couple weeks ago (about week 2 of the move), I was a little (a lot) homesick! I was ready to get on a plane and head back...vacation was over! Well, my wonderful husband emailed my Mom to tell her that I was homesick and could she please send something to cheer me up! Well, I am no longer homesick (for the most part) but it definately cheered me up to have a box waiting for me when I got home from work today!
Now I knew it was coming, but I didn't know what it would
Some pretty great stuff! I got a blazer! I have been wanting one for a while but shopping here in New Zealand is super pricey so I have not bought ANY item of clothing since we've arrived! Crazy...I know! And it was too warm in Texas to warrant buying one before we left! So, I finally have one! And it fits perfectly! I also got a scarf, super cute! A bible study by Priscilla Shirer that I can do with a group from my church! A light reading book and best of all...
MY FAVORITE! Dark chocolate toffee almonds...yum! These make me think of late night Bachelor Pad/Bachelorette with Daniel and Lauren :) Miss you guys!

Ben even got a little Pringles treat and he stopped chewing long enough to smile for the camera!

I also came home to find this from my sweet sister-in-love because I have been jealous of the Pumpkin Spice Latte/Fall craze that is happening in the US. Now, I know it's winter here already but it's just not the same as Fall in the States, my favorite time of year!
YAYY! So many pumpkin recipes! Now, I'm not sure if they have canned pumpkin but I have seen lots of REAL pumpkins at the grocery store...might just have to figure out how to make that into pureed pumpkin. Well, that is a pretty long blog just to say "my family is amazing!" LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pinterest Feeds Me...

Hello All! So, I tried this blog thing before but I didn't really seem to stick. I am going to try again because lately I have thought, "I wish I had a blog to write about that..." Well, now I do! A lot of my supposed posts have to do with food, Pinterest, and the likes. Tonight, I made yet another recipe from Pinterest. Now, I am one of those girls that pins ALL sorts of things that will NEVER come to life. 1) Because I don't have that kind of time in the day 2) I don't have enough money 3) The sheer number of pins at this point is daunting. Well I have decided to start cooking dinner every night (okay, most nights :) and ALL of my recipes are coming from Pintetest. If its good or could use some tweaking to make it perfect then it stays on my cooking board. If it sucks, it gets axed! Now, I am no chef...I like cheap, easy, quick, etc. so don't be expecting some gourmet feasts!

Okay, back to tonight. I made shrimp penne with a tomato cream sauce. One of my favorite substitutions is using Greek yogurt (in New Zealand spelled yoghurt) in place of heavy cream, sour cream, etc. I can't even taste the difference and Ben allows it...that is saying a lot! I used twirly pasta instead of penne, cayenne instead of crushed red pepper (already had it in the pantry) and canned tomatoes (cheaper) but other than that stuck to the recipe. It was good! And it made enough for lunch leftovers for both Ben and I! That's my kind of meal... Some nit-picky things are: the sauce was a little thin so I may add some cornstarch, flour, whatever next time but other than that...delicious! It was quick and easy!


Now, I am going to a book club next week so I have to go actually read the book! See you again soon!