Monday, 24 September 2012

Food Coma

Oh my goodness! I just had the most amazing dinner ever! Ben was even impressed with my cooking skills, which very seldom happens! I will post the links for both of the recipes because everyone needs to try them! First, chicken with mustard cream sauce. ( Calls for heavy cream but can be substituted for half and half or just plain old milk. Other than that, pretty healthy! We started cutting our chicken breasts in half because 1) most chicken breasts are way more than 4 oz and 2) meat is super expensive here. So we each got dinner and have a lunch packed for tomorrow!

For sides we had Parmesan zucchini "chips" ( and plain old mashed potatoes.  My chicken and zucchini recipes both came from Pinterest and we have a clearance bag of potatoes that we are trying to use up. Since moving to NZ and realizing how expensive everything is, it has become my goal to be as frugal as possible. Now, Ben doesn't really have a problem with this, I do. He was raised frugally and constantly keeps me in check but sometimes I like to stray :) One of the ways we are maintaining our frugality is not wasting any sort of food. If we have leftovers, we eat them before they go bad. Which may mean leftovers for dinner (hence meatballs for 3 days...) before we get a "fresh" meal. Also, making sure to use veggies before they go bad. I am notoriously bad about this! I like to buy lots of veggies at the store because they all look so delicious but then they sit in my veggie drawer until they start to get all watery...gross. Anyway, so I am constantly going through the fridge to see what needs to be used up or put in the freezer before it goes bad. So, that's just a glimpse into the Weber household! Now go make that meal :)

Now, I just can't leave another post without a picture so, here is a picture from the "Wintergarden" Ben and I walked to on Saturday!

It's a greenhouse in the middle of a giant park called The Domain near downtown Auckland. It was a beautiful day outside so we just enjoyed the sunshine! Ready for the summer...

Love, The Webers :)


Sissy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am bad about leaving veggies in the fridge too long. I try not to buy too much at one time. The flowers are gorgeous. We are waiting for winter. It was so hot at tailgate on Saturday. We had a little shower for Kyle and Laura - it was sweltering! Love to Ben.

Cassidy Kate said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oooo pretty flowers! I am sort of jealous you get to experience spring (& summer!) twice in one year...

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