Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Thoughful Tuesday

Realizations for Today:

1. Ben and I have been grocery shopping at the most expensive supermarket in New Zealand...awesome.

2. Jumper means jacket or sweater. I always thought it meant dress or something.

3. There is a store here devoted to just American products. I know where I will be going on Saturday! Hershey's and dryer sheets, you wait for me!

4a. Cauliflower crust pizza=not so bad!

4b. Fresh cauliflower cannot be frozen and then thawed...just don't. 

5. Contrary to my beliefs (and thorough research), New Girl was NOT a new episode tonight :(

6. I am not fashionable.

And, I'll end on a good one!

7. My iPhone is unlocked!! Ben and I don't have to share a phone anymore! (Share a phone with your husband for a month...it is unlike anything else :)

Lots of love, The Webers


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