Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekend Adventures

hi all!

Another Monday looms in the morning :( but I will share my weekend in pictures...

I was supposed to meet a book club for a picnic at this amazing park on Saturday; didn't work out because it rained but, now I know about this park! This is just a sneak peek because Ben and I are going to go back next weekend and take some REAL (non iphone) pictures...Awesome, huh?

Okay, so the park was awesome but it ended up being a fiasco because I didn't have the phone (that Ben and I share) so I couldn't contact the person I was supposed to be meeting. It started raining so she wasn't at the spot we said we were meeting so, needless to say, I was super frustrated! But then I found some sheep!! I have an audio file but I can't figure out how to upload it :( Anyway, I had to walk about 20 minutes to this cafe so I could, hopefully, use the wireless and contact Ben. Well, I got there, after walking 20 minutes in the rain, and there was NO wireless!! More I ordered a white chocolate latte and a muffin and read my book while it continued to rain. It was actually pretty nice!

Yum! :) Well, I finally made my way back home (after a shopping detour :) and we went to this new place for dinner. It's a kinda-sorta upscale cafeteria style place. All the tables are in the middle of a courtyard and there are about 10 restaurants surrounding that you can choose from. You just tell them your table number and they deliver your food! We both ordered our dinner from this cajun restaurant, and it wasn't very good :( I got a mojito from the Spanish restaurant which was delicious and we had yummy dessert from the dessert booth. I would like to go back and order from some other place; there was Italian, Japanese, Pizza, Spanish, Vegan,, cool concept except our food was only so-so.

Britomart Train Station
Today we rode the train! We went to the American store, and a couple other big homeware stores they don't have in the CBD (central business district; where we live). Just like when we first started riding the bus, the train system was really confusing. We finally made sense of it, but we felt pretty stupid at first! 

Our loot from the American store!! Ben was so excited about finding Tony's! The rest were just impulse buys...

til next time! 
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