Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year...why you ask?? Because....

1. It's a great excuse to go shopping several times a

2. I love decorating for Christmas! My most favorite activity is getting Christmas decorations on clearance and then using them the next year! What??

Christmas Tree 2013
It's looking a little more wilty now...and there is more than one present underneath! But I love a good, classic Christmas tree with white lights and burlap :) Also, our monogrammed tree skirt from Nutcracker Market 2011! 

In my last post, I totally forgot to mention that I made it to the Nutcracker Market this year while on holiday in the States! It is my favorite Houston activity and I am so glad I got the spend the day there with Rachel! 

Back to my list...

3. Christmas time means chocolate, cake, goodies, and treats galore! Yesterday at work we got brownies, a chocolate cake, and a box of cherries all in one day! Yum!

4. Time off work. Need I say more?

5. One of my favorite things about Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is the warm weather! It's so nice to have time off and to be able to spend it in our pool or at the beach, drinking margaritas! :) 

6. With the coming of Christmas, means it's almost our anniversary! Love celebrating another year with my husband...I have an exciting plan for our anniversary this year...but it's a secret, sorry! 

7. And last but not least, Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect on God's glory and the things He has done in my life over the past year! I know, without a doubt, that we would not be where we are without His love, guidance, and grace! 

So, we wish everyone a Merry CHRISTmas and a wonderful, safe, and happy new year! 

the webers


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