Friday, 16 August 2013


I found a new blog that I'm loving and she did a "Firsts" blog post as I thought I'd copy :)

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning:

Look over at Ben and say, "Coffee, coffee, coffee, please!"'s a little morning ritual.

First thing you reach for when you open the fridge:

Hmm...I tend to open the fridge and just stare aimlessly and then close it again! Maybe some red grapes if we have 'em!

First thing you do when you get to the gym:

Put my bag in the locker room! And then head to the treadmill for some running!

First thing you do when you get home from work:

Ideally, I would love to dump my stuff and go take a bath! That only happens every once in a while reality, I probably just jump on the couch and watch something on TV!

First car:

My first car that was a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport, 2 door! I will never again buy a 2-door was the most hassle ever! I had it for about 3 years before I totaled it the summer after my Sophomore year in college working at a summer camp! :(

First accident:

Funny enough, the one above was not my first accident! Although totally not my fault, and in no way avoidable, I got hit while driving Ben's car by a guy who ran a red light. I was just sitting there minding my own business, when he comes and slams into us...I did not have my license or any shoes on so I called my Mom to bring me both items before the cops showed up! 

First thing you wanted to be when you grew up:  

I wanted to be a pediatrician until I realized how much work going through Med school was going to be. So I just work with kids in another way :) 

First choice beverage:

Oh my goodness, I love to drink (haha...not that way). I would much rather drink than eat, any day of the week! My favorite beverage would probably be a nice hot cup of coffee since the weather outside has been chilly and rainy! Fave alcoholic beverage would be Rekorderlig...a fruity cider that is DELICIOUS! Too bad they're like $15 each at a bar :(

First choice breakfast:

Hands down...french toast! E're time!

First choice dessert:

Hmmm...this is a tough one! I'm such a sweet person that it's hard to choose.. Probably a Crave Cupcake :) As long as my BFF is sitting right there next to me having one too!

First song that comes to mind:

Ben made me the Taylor Swift CD as part of my birthday present so I have been jamming in my car all day running errands! Specifically that "22" song! Even though I'm 25...womp womp

First major purchase:

When we bought our car here in New Zealand...

And then totaled it...and bought another one!

Which we have named...

(rhymes with Libbi)

Because Ben's friend, who I have met loads of times, kept calling me that thinking that was my name and then we just had to have a Sybie in the family! 

First job:

I was babysitting starting when I was about 12 but I would say my first real job was working in the nursery at First Baptist Church in Galveston! This doesn't include the pity jobs that I got from my dad working in his office! I got paid, yes...but probably wasn't an essential employee :)

First time you flew on a plane:

Goodness...I can't even remember! All of our early vacations consisted of us driving to Florida to see my Grandma but I can't remember a time when we flew there! Our first big vacation as a family with a couple of family friends was when we went to Croatia after my Junior year of high school. I was 15 and and didn't really do anything touristy! I had a crush on a boy that we went with so I'm pretty sure I was obsessed with him the whole time! :) It was pretty awesome vacation where we took a boat trip to some nearby islands and I wrecked a scooter and scraped up my leg so bad. I was a baby for the rest of the trip and on the flight home! Hurt so bad...

I would love to go back to see if it's any different 10 years later! (whatttttt???)

After writing this, I'm seeing a trend...I need to work on my driving skills :(

Hope you enjoyed! :)


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