Friday, 23 August 2013

Five on Friday


Okay, so I know it's not Friday technically Friday but it's pretty hard to mesh up Friday in both the US and NZ! I am!

For Five on Friday, just just tell five fun things that have some sort of relevance to your life! Easy peasy!


Until the fall shows start up again, I will be watching Pretty Little Liars and Keeping Up With the two guilty pleasures! Currently watching one as we speak...


In exactly 2 (!!!) months we will be flying in to Charlotte, North Carolina! Woo hoo! Ben and I could not be more excited to see family, enjoy a (four week...what??) vacation from work and enjoy some Aggie football (i.e. tailgating)! :) 


We have a new addition to our family! A couple weekends ago, Ben bought a sailboat! 

Which actually looks more like this...

It's a work in progress but hopefully will be done by the time summer gets here! She needs lots of love but Ben is enjoying having a project to work on!


Ben and I are going to the night markets tonight...can't wait to eat some delicious food, hear some live music, and do some shopping!

(It is surprisingly hard to think of five random things to say...)

The Color Run is coming to Auckland in January of next year! I am so excited! I was so excited to do the one in Houston and then we moved...womp womp! I am so glad I'm at the point in my life where 5K doesn't really seem like a big deal...definitely hasn't always been that way! Will definitely be registering!

Anyone want to join??

So that's my "five" for today! Until next week.....


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