Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas at the Webers :)

Okay, I promised pictures of Christmas at the Webers and Ben finally uploaded them all to you can go check out ALL of them on our Smugmug (you know, if you like seeing multiples of every picture from a billion different angles). But for those of you who like to see the best of the best, here is a little selection of what our home looks like! 

First off, we have this sparkly-ness hanging in one of our windows, thanks to my sweet Mama!

And here is our beautiful Christmas tree in all it's glory!! I love it...I was so excited we found the perfect tree! Short and fat :) It would be perfect with a big burlap ribbon bow at the top but I have had a hard time finding any for now it's got no tree topper! Maybe next year...

We went with a blue theme this year...We had red and green when we lived in Katy and I wanted to be a little get to do that when you decorate for Christmas from scratch, huh??

And, I can never get enough of my monogrammed tree skirt that I got from the Nutcracker Market a couple years back!

And our matching monogrammed stockings! Yes, I love cutesy...

Hopefully, I will get to post another picture with presents under my tree :) It's looking a bit bare, don't you think?? I kid, I kid...

So, a couple of weeks ago, we went to a the Santa Parade in downtown Auckland but I never actually posted pictures from it...even though we took about a billion! So, here are a couple of my favorites:

First off, I need to get me one of these hats...

I love this little pizza/cupcake man...not sure what he was supposed to represent, but he's cute! :)

Beauty and the faves :)

Green Eggs and Ham

This "float" contained the most random assortment of characters ever! A dog, a Carebear, and Homer Simpson...along with that guy in the red shirt...just hanging out! Weird!

And last, but not least, Santa!

Again, if you'd like to see all billion photos from the Santa Parade, head to our Smugmug!

Merry Christmas (for the second time...let's see how many Christmas posts I can generate this year :)!



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