Friday, 21 December 2012

Whale Wars, Teaching, and Baking...oh my!

Christmas is HERE! As a little pre-Christmas/anniversary trip we decided to go down to Wellington for a long weekend. It was so much fun and the weather was beautiful! Oh my gosh, the landscapes were just makes us remember why we moved to New Zealand! It definitely makes me want to explore more of New Zealand...I think it's time to head down to the South Island! Our whole smugmug album from the trip is here if you're interested. Again, beware of the 219 pictures. If you're wondering why there are multiples of the same pictures, Ben takes them like that in order to photoshop them later into a super awesome picture :) But most of the time they just stay in the tidy little album and nothing gets done to them. There are some in there that he has already photoshopped but not many. See if you can find some :) Also, there are some panoramas that need to be pieced together and that hasn't been done yet either! Oops! You're just lucky this blog is being written! Okay, picture time! So, if you asked Ben what the highlight of our trip was...he would tell you "getting to take a tour of the Bob Barker"!

If you're not as obsessed with Whale Wars as Ben is, the Bob Barker is a ship that is part of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling fleet that tries to keep Japanese whalers from killing of whales. There's a TV show about them that's actually pretty ridiculous! The coolest part about getting to take a tour was the fact that they have no secrets and we could ask them anything we wanted! They were in Wellington actually waiting for the Japanese whalers to head down to the Antarctic for the Summer whaling season so it's just a matter of days until they leave again. It totally made me want to drop everything and join Sea Shepherd!! We also got to meet Peter, one of the more well known characters in the show... (are they a character if it's a real person??)

Ben was super excited about this photo. Normally he would not go up to someone and ask to take a picture with them...but there was no hesitation on his part to take a picture with Peter! Okay, last picture from the Bob Barker...we got to go up to the wheel house and I found this interesting on a big map they had...

Like I said, there's many more pictures from our tour on our SmugMug...just don't want to overload you!

Other than exploring anti-whaling vessels, we explored the city, ate a lot, hiked, and went to go see The Hobbit at The Embassy theater where the premier was held just a couple weeks ago. I mean what better place to go, huh? I wasn't super fond of the movie but maybe it's because we went to go see it in 3D and High Frame Rate (whatever that means??). The theater was cool, nonetheless!

Since the premiere was just a couple weeks ago, the whole city had a Hobbit theme (even the Air New Zealand safety video was Hobbit themed!) and here was this giant, scary-sized, Gollum in the airport...

On our last day in Wellington, we took advantage of having a car (yay!) and drove all up and down the coastline and found some super awesome beaches to photograph and just relax on! I'll just share one landscape picture that just blows me away! I wish you all could have had my eyeballs to see what I was seeing...because a picture just does not do it justice! We were standing in Island Bay at the south of the North Island, looking at some mountains at the top of the South Island! It's an amazing view!

And I'll finish my trip recount with one last picture...Wellington is known as "windy Wellington" because it's right in between the North and South Islands and thus...

I promise it's almost over...

I had my last day of work until after the New Year yesterday and it was such a wonderful day! Given that the world was supposed to end and all...not that I subscribe to notions like that! Back to my wonderful day...first of all, we only had 6 kiddos which made for a calm day with 3 teachers! Then, Ben brought me lunch (he's done with school for the year) and we hiked up to the top of a hill by the school and had a little picnic. And, best of all, my New Zealand teacher registration was completed yesterday!!! Praise the Lord! Now this may not sound like a big deal, but it has been a four month long process...which started the day we arrived in New Zealand, August 30th! (Okay 3.5 months...) When I graduated and applied for my teacher registration in Texas it's one online application that is automatically approved because, hello, I graduated from Texas A&M :) I mean, it took a week max! Me being unqualified and unregistered has also caused problems for my coworkers, sorry Small World! Anyway, now it's done! Now, I just need my permanent contract!

Finally (man, this has been a long post!!), I just made some delicious cupcakes that I'd like to gloat about :) They are carrot cupcakes (my favorite! And with all the chocolate Christmas presents I've gotten from parents I needed a little break...not from sweets...just from chocolate :) with cinnamon cream cheese icing! Yum! I only did half with nuts cause I know some people are picky about that...not me!

Doesn't the box make it look very professional? Ben said I am only one step away from owning my own bakery (life bucket list!). Compliment!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (in case there's no more blog posts in between then and now :)
Love, The Webers


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