Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fatty Rant / New Digs

Today has been VERY hard, food wise! I just want to (and maybe did a little...) eat everything in sight! I'm not sure what was up but tomorrow is a new day and at least I managed to work a little run in this afternoon after work. I have been loving the "early" shift at work. I'm done at 4 and have time to go to the grocery store, run errands, RUN, etc. before the Hubs gets home! But anyway, I'm kind of mad at myself because I did a great run/circuit workout and then the first thing I did when I got home was stuck my finger in the peanut butter! What is wrong with you, Libbi??


So, I put myself in the bath, just to stop from scrounging around the house for some more food! And then when I got out, I signed up for a free trial workout at a crossfit gym on Saturday. Since my first crossfit workout with Kayla, I have been wanting to join a gym and get er done. I got a recommendation from a Mom of one of my kiddos and Ben and I are going! The only downside in the price :( 

On the bright side, Ben and I found a place to live!!!!! It's right in between Ben and I's work (closer to Ben's) and has almost everything we were looking for! The only thing it doesn't have is a yard...which is a good and bad thing! We just wanted somewhere we could grow plants...which we can still do on our patio. We will definitely miss the convenience of the city but just about nothing else, most importantly the buses! Since we decided to buy a car, it has been like the bus is out to get us! Just the other morning, my morning bus to school left late and then starting taking the wrong route so we had to backtrack to get on the right course! Once we move in, that is priority numero uno. After know furniture to sleep on...

Okay, maybe a bed is the first priority.

Our place right now is fully furnished, which was great when we first moved here but now having to buy EVERTHING over again is getting quite pricey. After our crossfit on Saturday, we are going to hit up the secondhand shops to see if we can get any good deals! We found a sifter, a sushi maker, a big stock pot, a fruit bowl, and one other thing (??) for $35 last weekend! Maybe not all necessities, but things we have needed at one point or another since we moved here. And I got a fridge that a friend of a friend was selling for a STEAL this week! Wish us luck with our bargain hunting! We move in in two weeks! 

PS-So glad tomorrow is Friday! It has been a loooooong week! 

the webers


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