Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A little bit of this...a little bit of that...

I finally made a pumpkin recipe that I'm ready to share! I made some pumpkin muffins (recipe here) and they were delicious! I added walnuts (because I like them) and then sprinkled chocolate chips on top of mine only because Ben despises chocolate in any sort of bread. Really he despises chocolate in general (crazy, I know!) but that's a whole other post! So, go make them. Now. If you'd like to copy me, I made my pumpkin puree from scratch! It's really not that difficult and, for me, cheaper too! I paid $1.56 for half a pumpkin (medium size), roasted it, and got enough puree for 2 recipes! I also froze it so it would last longer and it didn't seem to affect how my muffins turned out. Because they were delicious. Did I tell you that? 

Since I've gotta balance out making pumpkin, chocolate chip muffins, here is the workout I just did:

I looked like her doing it too...

It was simple and to the point, didn't require any equipment, and I didn't even have to leave my apartment! Which I didn't want to do... I also did some ab and arm exercises since those are my "to work on" areas (almost beach weather!). Took me about 25 minutes all together and with all my bus-walking, I got a mediocre workout in today! The hubs also did some sort of workout as well but I'm not really sure...I didn't see any jumping jacks out of him! On that note, 100 jumping jacks...doesn't sound too bad! It is hard to do 100 jumping jacks!!! I had to do it along to the beat of a song otherwise it would have gone on forever! I also suck at wall sits. 
I'll leave you with a picture! 
So, as we live in an apartment building in the city, there is an advertisement on the side. Previously, it was a Lexus ad but it was taken down about a week ago. What is frustrating is that they took it down and then left it on our balcony for about 3 days! We live on the second floor so our balcony has a kind of overhang out over the street and, thus, makes an excellent place to leave a HUGE Lexus advertisement for days. I would have stolen it if it wasn't gigantic (think 6 stories tall...and up close, very pixely). And, when they did come to pick it up, they came at 5 in the morning, walking on the tin roof right outside our window, making a ruckus! Anyway, we now have this...

Downton Abbey!

That's where we live :) Ben is ashamed that there in a Denny's in my picture. I don't think he wants people to know we live a block from a Denny's. What's the shame in that?? It just reminds me of Ritchey-Little, wedding morning breakfast :) But anyway, I love my new sign! So much better than a silly Lexus! 

Only two more workdays before a three day weekend! I love Labour Day! :)


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