Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Thank the Lord for Auto Save!!

Hi Blog Friends,

I just wrote this whole post and then accidentally unplugged my computer!!! I have one of those super old Macs, whose battery doesn't work anymore so if it unplugs, it dies! So, I thought I was just going to have to write it all over again but, Blogger autosaved my draft! Woo it goes a little something like this....

I have had a VERY productive day! For the first day in a while, I didn't get a sub job! Which is fine because I'm scheduled every day next week and I had a couple errands to run/do. I have worked out, cleaned the apartment, done laundry, started on dinner (more on that later), and just relaxed!  It's been wonderful...what Ben would call a "Libbi Day"! And on top of that, the weather here is B-E-A-utiful! Not a raindrop in sight! I've got some plans for hubby's 25th birthday in a couple weeks and I can only hope it looks like this!

Our week has been pretty uneventful but we DID go to the Asian Market a couple days ago because Ben heard from a coworker that they have cheaper produce and meat. Which they did! Amazingly cheap! Produce in general is pretty pricey and it was almost half the price of a normal grocery store! We will definitely be going there from now on, for meats and produce at least! We also got some curry paste which was WAYYYY too spicy for me. Ben has been eating [the tons of] leftovers for a couple days now! Which is fine because I ate lasagna leftovers for every single meal for about 3 days! And it was still as tasty as the first night :)

Speaking of tasty, I found this at the grocery store today....

Can I say "delicious"?? I am trying to save it up and just eat a little at a time as a treat; we'll see how that goes...

So, for dinner tonight, I am making Pork Tenderloin with Pan Sauce. I haven't made it before but (obviously) I got it off Pinterest! Right now it's marinating which I normally am never able to do! I end up marinating something for like 10 minutes before I have to cook it and it doesn't really make a difference. But today, it's going to get a good 3-4 hours! Ahh, Libbi Day :) To go with the pork, I'm making roasted carrots and potatoes. I'm trying to convince myself I like carrots, which I do, if you can't really taste them! Sounds yummy, right? I'll let you know how it turns out!

So, standing in line at the grocery store, I see on the TV Guide magazine an ad for Downton Abbey! And the premiere is next week! I mean, I'm not gonna gloat or anything but the US premiere isn't until January......or you could just watch it online because it's already on in the UK. But, as I talked about here, I try not to watch too much online TV! So, I'm super excited I can watch it on the TV with the rest of New Zealand! Is it a little sad that I have this in my phone?

No? Okay, good! :)

Question: I was pretending to be a University of Auckland student today so I could use their internet (fo free!) and I was sitting cross-legged on this chair for a while. My foot fell asleep which normally happens but for the first time ever, I got up to walk away and it didn't just hurt, I physically could not walk! It was a little scary! I was so embarrassed because I had already started walking out of the study area and there was nowhere to sit down, so I'm hobbling like a crazy person out of the computer lab trying to find somewhere to sit! After sitting for a little while, it went away but it was so weird! Every happen to you guys??

Okay, well my Libbi Day is almost over, so I'm going to go enjoy the rest of it! Ta ta!


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