Sunday, 21 October 2012

Beach Time!

Welp, Ben and I are sick again :( Or maybe just still sick from the last time...I felt better for a couple days but Ben's has been pretty constant. Despite the sickness, we wanted to take advantage of the 3 day weekend (Happy Labour Day!) so we finally made it to the beach! It was such a pretty day and it almost felt warm! It helped that the sun was out and shining and we were sitting so that the wind was blocked! Here's some pictures from our day :)

From the beach, you can see Rangitoto Island which we took a ferry to a couple weeks ago!

Beautiful blue water and blue sky!

Aren't these rocks cool how their layers are sidewards! It was like that with all the rocks on the beach so there must have been some crazy plate tectonics going on!

If you want to look at ALL the pictures from our beach excursion, check them out on our SmugMug!

Before we took the ferry over to Devonport, we got a chance to watch part of the World Champion Triathalon that has been going on all weekend in Auckland! I'm so impressed with athletes who can swim, bike 40 kilometers, and then go and run 10K! We got there just in time to watch the end of the Under 23 Women's finals.

The Finish Line

All the way down at the end you can see where they start off the blue platform. There were 2 buoys behind me that that they had to swim around. Sadly, we didn't see any swimming though :(

Today has been rainy ALL day so I'm glad we went to the beach yesterday! We've only made it outside the apartment to go to the pharmacy (more medicine) and the grocery store (we had absolutely no food). It's actually been a pretty relaxing day...we made fresh bread, Skyped with both sets of parents, and listened to the rain outside :) Now, I'm watching a ridiculous movie on TV while Ben makes me dinner! Perfection :)

I would like to start feeling better so I can actually work out without dying. Walking up the hill from the grocery store was an effort :( So, I'm gonna go rest some more...ta ta!


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