Sunday, 7 October 2012

End of Winter :(

The end of Winter and the beginning of Spring is upon us! It doesn't quite feel like it yet but hopefully we'll get there! To celebrate the end of Winter, they had a FREE ice skating rink on the wharf!

It looks like Christmas! They even had Christmas trees so it smelled heavenly! Here is a video I tried to take while we were skating. It gets a little crazy at the end because I almost ran into a kid...

The funniest part was the little girl with a "walker" who was tearing around running into people. She just kept running back and forth across the rink and she cut me off about a dozen times! I didn't fall down once though so, it was a success!

Okay, just a couple more pictures from my Sunday:

 Love Skyping with my weirdo cousin and Aunt :) Thanks for letting us watch the game! 

 Score! Rewards for my New Zealand birthday!! You better believe I will be using this tomorrow! Happy New Zealand Birthday to me :)

Love Love Love,


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