Monday, 29 October 2012

Birthday Boy Ben!

Can I just brag about how awesome my husband is? Who else gets hot tea and chocolate mocha banana crepes in bed??

And they were delicious! So, I just laid in bed and watched One Tree Hill while I was waited on hand and foot! It was the wonderful start to a Sunday.

Anyway, back to celebrating Ben's's not all about me! Saturday we went paddle boarding! It is something Ben and I have wanted to do for a while and the weather was PERFECT! It is finally starting to warm up here....I actually wore shorts and a tank top! You still need a jacket in the morning and at night, but I will take what I can get! Back to paddle boarding....while the weather was warm, the water was not...and I fell in quite a bit! :) Paddle boarding is hard work and you don't get anywhere very quickly. Obviously, I couldn't get any pictures in the act but I did get one of my cute hubby afterwards!

You can see in the picture all the boats moored in the background so while we were paddling around, we went "boat shopping": Ben's favorite activity :)

For those who aren't sure what paddle boarding is, it should look a little something like this.... 

(this is obviously not us...)

After a nice hot shower, we had a wonderful dinner overlooking the Harbour! 

Sadly, I have a meeting at school tomorrow night (Ben's actual birthday) so we won't be able to celebrate much tomorrow :( I do have the late shift at school so I get to be home to cook him breakfast in bed! Lucky Ben...

Happy Early Halloween :)
Love, the Webers

PS-I'm starting to see Christmas ads, music, decorations, etc. and I LOVE it! :)


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