Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fancy Friday

Now, I know it's Saturday but I came up with the title for my blog post yesterday...and then promptly didn't post. But yesterday was a fancy Friday for me and I was really proud of my outfit from last night so I thought I'd share! (hang with me...there's more than just clothes on this post :)

cute, eh? 
Leather Jacket-Express (from my fave twins/fellow triplets :)
Ruffly Shirt-Target (miss you...)
Stretchy Skirt-Stolen from Kyla but I think from Wet Seal
Black Leather Boots-DSW

So, I've worn these boots about 2 times and they KILL! Probably will be another year before I wear them again :( or I just need to buy some gel inserts. Whatever comes first!

Okay, enough about my outfit...moving on!

Ben and I went to go see our first rugby match today! Rugby is huge over here and, from what I can tell, it's like flag football without all the rules! I'm surprised there are not more deaths from rugby! And the "plays" are super long...even if someone is knocked down, another player just picks up the ball and continues on. I can't even begin to understand how the game works so I won't pretend here...but it was a beautiful day!

And it was nice to just sit on the hillside and enjoy the sun (in between clouds)! That shirtless guy makes you think it's pretty's not. It got about 15 ℃ (60 ℉) and windy! Definitely not beach weather...
While we were watching the match, this marketing girl came around and gave out several different types of foods for us to try and one of them was this candy bar...
It's a chocolate bar with jelly (gummies), popping candy (Pop Rocks), and Beanies (M&M's)! That is one crazy variety of candies in one package! Of course we tried it and it was interesting! I mean, I can't say that it was bad...Pop Rocks in general are just a weird candy to eat! So combine it with 3 other types of candy and you get something special :)
Time for a Geography Lesson!

Ben works at the Tamaki Campus of the University of Auckland (#1 on the map) and we live over by Victoria Park (top left hand corner). It looks far but it's really only about 20-30 minutes! The rugby pitch (Colin Maiden Park) was close to Ben's office building so we took a field trip over there so I could see where he goes during the day! 

And, here is Ben [pretending to be] hard at work! I told him that he needs some desk decorations (birthday present??); his only possession is that red coffee cup. We'll get there...don't worry!

Lots of Love,

PS -Thank you to John, Virginia and Granny Joyce for the wonderful package!!! Can't wait to decorate and bake! :)


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