Sunday, 4 November 2012

I thought of a witty title...and then I took a nap...

This is my absolute last post about Halloween! We went to a Halloween party at my friend, Karmia's, house so we actually got a chance to dress up! I wish I had a picture of Ben's whole costume but I didn't get one :( It was hilarious! Here are a couple pictures from the night...

(Sorry for the crappy iphone quality)

So, I was a jellyfish...can you tell?? Ben was Moss from "The IT Crowd" or, more generally, a nerd. Here is a little bit better picture but you still can't see the high water pants and sneakers :)

I was so proud of him for dressing up for the first time since I've known him!!!

And here's a close up or my super awesome new necklace...

Love it? Me too :)

In honor of it being less than three weeks until Thanksgiving, I am thankful for technology that allows me to keep up with my friends and family in the States! It also lets me share all of our adventures on this lovely blog! :) 

Happy November!

Love, The Webers


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